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Have you ever been shopping online and added gifts to your cart, only to find the online shop does not ship to Canada or the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar is too high?  Well I have and find it very frustrating.  A Keepsake Gift has searched the web for Canadian Online Shopping sites, and displays unique gift ideas, for all your gift giving needs.

~ Shop from the comfort of your own home and ~

~ Find unique gift ideas for all your gift giving needs ~

We have ordered stock for popular gifts and ideas. If you live in Melville, SK or Yorkton, SK or wish to do a pick up in Melville, order and pick up.  Otherwise the cost is $6.00. All payments are done through Paypal for your security, no credit card information is obtained on this site. PayPal makes checking out safe and easy by only requiring you to enter your email and password, and then manages payment on your behalf without sharing your credit card information.

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